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    What Dogs Teach Us II by Glenn Dromgoole... $13.56

    As a companion to his New York Times best-seller What Dogs Teach Us, author Glenn Dromgoole offers more insights into the lessons taught to us by our canine friends, such as: Keep your nose out of...
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    What Cats Teach Us... by Glenn Dromgoole... $8.66

    Fresh on the heals of the successful What Dogs Teach Us, author Glenn Dromgoole offers the similarly insightful What Cats Teach Us. Cats, better known for their reprimanding attitudes towards...
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    German Shepherd Virtues - Lessons Learned from... $10.00

    There are certain characteristics we find honorable in each other and valuable to leading a good life. We call these characteristics virtues. -Melissa Sovey This beautiful gift book uses the model...
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    Why Horses Do That by Lisa Dines (Hardcover -... $13.95

    Why do horses "spook" at things? Why do horses kick if approached from the rear? Why do horses sleep standing up? Why do horses breathe into each other's nostrils? These and 36 other curious equine...
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    101 Uses for a Golden by Denver Bryan... $3.57

    Not only are golden retrievers great to look at, they are ready, willing and able to perform myriad tasks for their owners. This full-color guide unlocks 101 of their heretofor hidden talents...
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    Pug Mugs - Good Pugs Gone Bad (Hardcover -... $14.36

    They may be small, round and sweet, but the mugs on these pugs can't always be believed. Hidden beneath the big eyes and innocent-looking faces often lurks a pug who has waddled to the wrong side...
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    Zebra Finch (Taeniopygia guttata) $59.99

    Finches are small, gentle birds that come in a dazzling variety of colors. This bird is brightly colored and very social making it a fan favorite. Their song consists of chirping and "beeping"...
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    My Puppy Journal $30.00

    That wriggly bundle of love you just brought home is about to turn your life upside down in the happiest way possible?and before you know it, puppy?s whirlwind first year will have slipped away....

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